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Memberships and Donations

Here, you can renew your membership, or if you are an alumnus and never joined the Beyond Our Control Television Alumni Association, you can obtain your initial Charter Membership. Higher levels of membership may come with premiums from time to time, but always come with greater recognition and awe from your fellow alumni. To fund current operations and future projects, donations are always welcomed and encouraged. (Well, something's got to pay for the shipping and handling.)

To merely update your contact information follow this link, you cheapskate (we love you anyway), to the Registration Page


(click a button to choose a level)
$25.00 Charter Member: Charter Membership is limited to those who were enrolled members of a BOC company from 1966 through 1987 and their advisors.

$35.00 Membership Renewal: You are already a Charter Member and you wish to renew your membership, this option may include free premiums from time to time.

$50.00 Associate Members: You really like us, or we've given you a guilt complex.

$70.00 Contributing Members: You want to make up for all the years you forgot to pay dues. It happens.

Extra Donations

$.00. Generous Extra Donation to continue the cause (whole numbers only).